Although she moved to Melrose only four years ago, Stasia is very active in local civic organizations and Melrose groups.  After a long career in retail management, Stasia has found a “perfect little town” to live in. The protection of the quaint historical nature of Melrose as well as guarding its precious water have become her mission.  Stasia serves as treasurer of the Mossman Home Preservation Foundation.

Lilibeth Kindle


Lilibeth Kindle (Betha Bach) is a native of the Philippines and has an extensive experience working as a visual artist, fine artist and a graphic designer. She has over a decade of experience working on big projects in conceptual designing to include creating a 3D moving tableau for Christmas and animatronics in theme parks in Dubai. Other works include mural paintings, prop making, costume design and creations, and production backdrops. Lilibeth also is well versed in sculpture and installation art. Her experience also consists of having worked as a team member for Vernacular Media Network Ministry who's outreach program ministered to tribal groups in the Philippines by creating movies with dialog in the tribe's native language. Lilibeth loves to challenge herself in all forms of art and using her talents to serve her community.




Gail Davis is a local Framer and multi-media (but mostly clay) artist. Having received a bachelor degree in fine arts from Auburn University in 1994 and starting a family in Alabama, she moved to the area nearly 15 years ago. She currently enjoys teaching clay classes at Mossman Hall.


Nicole Goff joined the Mossman team in June, 2018. Along with volunteering on the board of directors, she is the assistant class director, the event coordinator, and does administrative work. She also teaches kids arts 'n crafts classes and runs the monthly poetry open mic.

Jim moved to Florida from Michigan in 1977.  Living in Homestead, Florida he worked at the South Florida Research Center in Everglades National Park. He lived in Jupiter, Florida until 2018 when he retired to Melrose. Not one to sit still and with befriending Stasia Pieczenik, Jim quickly became involved in the local community, specifically Mossman Hall.  Jim joined the Mossman Hall Board of Directors in April 2020.  His knowledge of buildings and the environment will make him an asset to the future growth of the Mossman Hall community.

Kelvin Ordway


Nancy is the Mossman Caterer and takes particular pride in providing an “artist’s touch” to the Monthly Art Walks and other events. As a former restaurant owner and manager, her philosophy is simple, you eat with all your senses. There is no reason a meal can't be pleasing to the eyes, nose and palate. Nancy provides food that is pleasing to the diverse patrons that attend Art Walk, including Vegetarian and Vegan selections. Nancy is a graduate of Virginia Tech and lives on Little Lake Santa Fe.

Kitty Korth


Kelvin Ordway was born in New Hampshire and spent the early part of his adult life working on a dairy farm in Vermont. This experience taught him how to build or fix almost anything. He served our country in the U.S. Navy and then gave 20 years to the National Guard. In addition, Kelvin continued his commitment to community by serving as a volunteer fireman. Some where along the way, Kelvin learned wood-turning and fell in love with this craft. He moved to Florida and became a member artist of Gallery 26. He stayed on as an Artisan member as the Gallery transitioned to Mossman. Kelvin volunteered to become a board member in 2019. Mossman is very grateful for his skills in maintaining our two vintage buildings and his dedication to Art Walk monthly set-ups.

Nancy Germano

Kitty Korth hit the Melrose “Art Scene” about fifteen years ago. She brought with her an enthusiasm for fine craftsmanship and the ability AND experience to run community galleries and shops. She started her arts management career early, at age eighteen, when she opened her first store in Michigan. Kitty has her own brand of locally crafted jewelry, keepsakes and other Native American inspired decor items. Her influences include Steampunk and the American Southwest. Let’s not forget her special “sayings signs” that are witty and totally giftable. Kitty joined the Mossman Board in 2018 and has made an invaluable contribution to our foundation since day one.




Nicole Goff

Stasia Pieczenik 

Enriching the Melrose Community in

teaching and advocating the arts

Jim Chapman




Gail Davis