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Gail Davis

Potter Extraordinaire

Artists and Instructors

Gail Davis

Potter and Clay Sculptor

Betha Bach

Drawing, Sculpture, and all mediums of painting.

Betha Bach began to draw at age three, paint at age five, and won her first art contest in school at the age of seven.

With no formal training, Betha is completely self-taught in multiple forms of art including drawing, sculpture and all mediums of painting. Betha was most influenced by her aunt, who ran a business doing fabric painting on dresses and other clothing in the Philippines. Fabric painting remains one of her passions.

Betha believes that God has blessed her with her artistic abilities and wants to honor Him through her art. Her spirit was inspired to fulfill her artistic talents when she stumbled upon Exodus 31:3 while reading the Bible: “I have filled him with the Spirit of God, giving him great wisdom, ability, and expertise in all kinds of crafts.”

Betha was married in 2014 and moved to Albuquerque New Mexico, USA. Together with her husband they have started a nonprofit corporation to assist missionaries called Mission Ispossible. She hopes to help grow this organization worldwide and utilize it to teach art to children in orphanages that it aids in supporting.

Betha’s recent project is a series of paintings using coffee as a medium. The paintings depict a mix of one’s love for java in dream-like settings.

Artist Statement

Kelvin Ordway was born in New Hampshire and spent the early part of his adult life working on a dairy farm in Vermont. This experience taught him how to build or fix almost anything. He served our country in the U.S. Navy and then gave 20 years to the National Guard. In addition, Kelvin continued his commitment to community by serving as a volunteer fireman. Some where along the way, Kelvin learned wood-turning and fell in love with this craft. He moved to Florida and became a member artist of Gallery 26. He stayed on as an Artisan member as the Gallery transitioned to Mossman. Kelvin volunteered to become a board member in 2019. Mossman is very grateful for his skills in maintaining our two vintage buildings and his dedication to Art Walk monthly set-ups.

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I have used various strengths of brewed coffee on Water Color paper. Some paintings have a mild mixture of food coloring added to the coffee for enhanced pigmentation. Kape (coffee in Tagalog) Art is the visualization of prophetic dreams and visions, conscious or unconscious, using coffee as a medium. Dreams and visions are where our natural and spiritual lives meet. My use of the coffee is twofold. First, it is physically present in each painting as the medium itself.

Second, it represents awakening, strength, clarity of thought, and the outpouring of a spirit weather Holy or unholy.

Susie Collins

Yoga Instructor

Susie is an old hippie who has been enjoying yoga practice since the 70s. She can testify that it greatly reduces pain and stress. "When I miss yoga for too long I become rather bitchy." She has immersed herself in 5 different yoga disciplines and enjoys a combo of all of them. In her classes you will also enjoy practicing each of them.

"I start my day deeply breathing in forward bend, just to allow my spine to stretch, this totally addresses discomfort caused from years of self inflicted "Super Woman syndrome".

From Susie

Breath is primary in yoga. The breath gets rid of "monkey mind" and allows one to turn inward to listen and observe our bodies during practice. There is no competition. Our body tells us, "Okay, don't go any further, this is the edge today." If we sit at our edge and breath deeply, our body relaxes and says, "This is good, I would like to go further", or, you will feel your body "let go" and move deeper into the posture all by itself, again we find our "edge" and breathe deeply there.

The invigorating Salutes to the Sun series follows these first slow stretching postures. The breath is purposefully synchronized with each movement. We feel powerful during these flows. The balances which follow often demand that we focus mindfully, this potent focus is remembered and helps carry us through the week. The closing relaxation posture and breath help each muscle cell eliminate waste and remember the practice, making the practice easier and more familiar.

Yoga brings strength, serenity and personal power with regular practice.

Kitty Korth

Jewelry and keepsakes

Kitty Korth hit the Melrose “Art Scene” about fifteen years ago. She brought with her an enthusiasm for fine craftsmanship and the ability AND experience to run community galleries and shops. She started her arts management career early, at age eighteen, when she opened her first store in Michigan. Kitty has her own brand of locally crafted jewelry, keepsakes and other Native American inspired decor items. Her influences include Steampunk and the American Southwest. Let’s not forget her special “sayings signs” that are witty and totally giftable. Kitty joined the Mossman Board in 2018 and has made an invaluable contribution to our foundation since day one.

Kelvin Ordway

Unique wood-turned objects.

Kelvin Ordway was born in New Hampshire and spent the early part of his adult life working on a dairy farm in Vermont. This experience taught him how to build or fix almost anything. He served our country in the U.S. Navy and then gave 20 years to the National Guard. In addition, Kelvin continued his commitment to community by serving as a volunteer fireman. Some where along the way, Kelvin learned wood-turning and fell in love with this craft. He moved to Florida and became a member artist of Gallery 26. He stayed on as an Artisan member as the Gallery transitioned to Mossman. Kelvin volunteered to become a board member in 2019. Mossman is very grateful for his skills in maintaining our two vintage buildings and his dedication to Art Walk monthly set-ups.

W. Custer Smith


In 1952 High school, I was introduced to the lathe although the instructor knew little of wood turning I knew I enjoyed making the desk lamp. I attended Berry College at Rome GA for over two years majoring in industrial arts. I joined the Marine reserve and attended drills on weekends. I left school got married, and obtained a position with General electric as a draftsman designing electrical transformers. After five years I secured a position with Martin Marietta in Orlando as a draftsman. I also became a father. I also received my honorable discharge from the marines that same year. After thirty four years I retired from Lockheed Martin as a department head in microelectronic and held a top secret security clearance. I also received my master’s degree while working and going to night school. During that time I helped design the guidance system for Apollo moon landing. I also designed equipment to fabricate parts and made parts that required accuracy of less than ten times smaller than human hair. It was about twenty years after I first touched a lathe before I had access to a shop smith and a few basic turning tools. I made a floor lamp. And several small items.

After retirement in 1995 I joined the Central Florida Wood Turners club where I learned how turning tools should be used. I have had my turned wood art shown at the Orlando Museum of Art. The University of Central Florida. The Alachua Library system, and I have shown and demonstrated wood turning at the Orlando Central Florida Fair. I have written articles for an international as well as national wood turning magazines.

Anita Lenas

​Pottery and Ceramics Artist

Pottery and ceramic artist for 45 years as a serious hobby. Over the years I have enjoyed offering my personal art as well as teaching pottery to others especially children as an artistic endeavor.

Art Education includes three semesters in the Fine Arts department in ceramics/pottery at St Petersburg College 1974-1976. Additionally, she has participated in multiple focus workshops on pottery, art history, form and function of ceramics as well as sculpture forms, surface formation and glazing methods.

To understand why I love and must make pottery, one must understand what drives me into my studio. During my career as a Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner working in a poor rural county in the south, I have had the humbling privilege to be present with many families' during births, deaths, losses, illness and recoveries. I have heard their burdens in privacy and silence. I have taken much sadness along with great joy into my being during those encounters and carry that great empathy and emotion in my soul. I have cherished my time with my own family and the traditions and celebrations we have experienced throughout our life as a family. In my life journey, POTTERY, the making of everyday useful objects of beauty has been my healing place, my praying place, my creative place that has offered an outlet for all that experience as a medical provider, wife, mother, and now grandmother. I offer my pottery to the public as a gift to use. To hold something of beauty and function in your hands on an everyday and special day basis. Experiencing the feel and look of a handmade object can enrich any human interaction with those you love. Additionally, even just a quiet personal moment holding a beautiful pottery cup of tea or coffee can bring a quiet joy to one’s life. I encourage each person seeking connection and beauty to engage with artists of all kinds and enjoy these experiences daily.

Anita Lenas

Stephanie Greathouse

​Sculptor and Ceramics Artist

Stephanie Greathouse began sculpting in 2018 in the quaint lakeside town of Melrose, Florida. She previously lived in Brooksville for eleven years, and her eldest son, sister, and parents still reside there. She spent many sunny days of the past on the banks of the Weeki Wachee River enjoying mesmerizing mermaid performances and kayak trips with gentle manatees navigating near her boat. Perhaps these experiences led her to a love of the water and it’s beautiful creatures, both real and fantastical .

As the stresses of life pressed upon her, a new love of art persuaded her down a path of escape and delight. Now, she spends time sculpting on her porch overlooking the cypress trees and breezy shores of beautiful Lake Santa Fe. She also sculpts in a small she shed that serves as a clay station where artists of Mossman Hall Art Gallery commune.

Stephanie’s travels lead her to beaches and waterways near and far. From local beaches and rivers to island travels in Costa Rica, the shores inspire her aquatic creativity.

Stephanie’s art brings her peace and serenity, and that she enjoys sharing the love of her creations inspired by reality and fantasy of the water with friends who desire a touch of the sea.

Gayle Anne Bone

​Water Color, Printmaking, and Acrylic Artist

Gayle Anne Bone has her Art Education degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. She has taught private art lessons over the past 25 years in a Summer Art Camp in Melrose, Florida. Her students range in age from five to sixty-five. Her preferred age for the Art Camp students is between 7 and 17. Gayle has also volunteered to teach art in various community venues.

Gayle works in a variety of media. She loves watercolor, collage, printmaking, origami, photography and acrylic painting. Japanese art has been a big influence on her work ever since being stationed in Japan while in the Air Force. The simplicity and elegance of the art of Japan still fascinates her and the craftsmanship is beyond compare.

Gayle tries to make affordable art since she believes everyone should enjoy artwork in their home. Loving texture and being a very tactile learner, she has many pieces that are not behind glass. Gayle has always loved the process of creating and she hopes you find joy in her work.

Julio Green

Julio A. Green creates abstract paintings that express his responses to music, movies, his environment, and the forces surrounding his subjects. The viewer will often find actual, physical pieces of Julio’s environment in his art, as he gives new life to discarded items by incorporating them into his paintings. This “Abstract Recycling” gives new life to what would otherwise end up as garbage or litter, and brings attention to our need to be less wasteful as a society. Born and raised in Honduras, Julio has been drawing since his

early years, and began painting at the age of 18 as a means to express himself in ways for which words were inadequate. After years of self-teaching, Julio came to the United States and began taking classes to learn new techniques on textures. He combined this new knowledge with his years of experience to develop his own style. His works have been featured in numerous exhibitions and contests throughout the years. Some notable awards he has received are the 2004 Express South Florida¨ Reader’s Choice Award for Best Male Visual Artist, The Van Gogh Award (grand prize) at the First Annual Quick Draw Art Event 2007 Developed by Broward Art Guild, and Best Mixed Media/3D at United &

Proud 2010 Developed by ArtsUnited, among others. Julio’s process of personal self-discovery and his art go hand-in-hand, as is evident in the varying perspectives he crafts on canvas.

James Chapman

Fabric Artist

James Chapman has been a board member for the past three years and in the fall of 2022 joined the member artist group as a fabric artist. Having trained under the direction of his sister Cynthia in Michigan James started working on quilt tops and wall hangings. Eventually he fabricated small zippered bags and craft bags. He has an eye for incorporating designer fabrics into his projects which are hand sewn with careful construction and creativity. Mossman needed a fabric artist and James has filled that niche with the various creative projects he has supplied to the artist studio. Visit Mossman Hall and check out the various projects James has on display.

Mary Ann Clawson

Mary Ann Clawson is Owner of Painted Planet School of Art and has a 2Yr Degree in Commercial Art and Design. ​Fundamentals Of Art, Certification in Early Childhood Education, 19 years teaching experience. PreK-12th, 24 years studio art, and mural work, Special Skills include ~ Extra for Warner Brothers, Live By Night, Extra for Marvel Film, Ant Man, ​Extra for MTV Police officer in Florida girls Amazon, Event Stage Set and design, Stage management, Art History Education, Billboard and Sign illustration, Fine Art Photography, Visual Art and illustrations, Painting in Oils and Acrylics.

Sade Law

My name is Sade Law and I am a mixed media artist. I enjoy using many different forms of media such as pastels, water color, acrylic ,oils, ink and polymer clay. I am a self taught artist that focuses mostly on animals. I take pictures of animals in nature and turn them into whimsical and fun characters. As well as being an artist I am a mental health professional that works with children. After dealing with heavy topics all day I use my carefree art style to decompress. There are some underlying emotions and human struggles in my paintings like depression, anxiety especially in my whimsical mice.

Kimberly Miller

Growing up I was saturated in arts and crafts, learning skills from someone who would become a lifelong friend. I attended public school in Keystone, attended Santa Fe Community College, and received my elementary education degree from the University of North Florida. In the early 2000s, during summer break from teaching six grade science, I sat down and decided that I wanted to learn how to quilt. After many trips to Joann’s to purchase fabric and the library reading every book that they had (this was before Pinterest, and social media). I completed my first quilt, and fell in love with a new hobby.

My next completed quilt would not come for several years.
Meanwhile I was teaching at Keystone Heights Elementary School. After 12 years of teaching, I took some time off to take care of family and run the family business. I found that I had more time to Quilt and developed a love of it. This however created a plethora of quilts and my husband Mike(2009) said that we could not keep all of them, and I could not give them all away. In The Making Quilts was born in 2019, when I started selling on Etsy.
In 2022, I was invited to broaden my horizons by selling in boutique shops.
I am active in the sewing group at church and lead Quilts of Love which makes lap quilts for crisis situations locally. Most days I enjoy sewing in the morning, before the busy day begins, and evening to unwind. I find the design process and the coming together of the many fabrics to create a beautiful piece of art very satisfying. It is rewarding when someone has chosen my artwork for their home

All member artists

Brenda Appling, Glenda Appling, Betha Bach, Gayle Bone, Dave Carpenter, James Chapman, Mary Ann Clawson, Karen Combs, Gail Davis, Stephanie Greathouse, Julio Green, Kitty Korth, Sade Law, Anita Lenas, Nansea Markham, Kimberly Miller, James Neale, Kelvin Ordway, Bill Smith, Jackie Strickland, Karen Whitney, Patricia Zylinsky

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