Susie is an old hippie who has been enjoying yoga practice since the 70s. She can testify that it greatly reduces pain and stress.  "When I miss yoga for too long I become rather bitchy."  She has immersed herself in 5 different yoga disciplines and enjoys a combo of all of them. 
Inherclasses you will also enjoy practicing each of them. 

"I start my day deeply breathing inforward bend, just to allow my spine to stretch, this totally addresses discomfort caused from years of self inflicted
"Super Woman syndrome".   

From Susie

Breath is primary in yoga.  The breath gets rid of  "monkey mind" and allows one to turn inward to listen and observe our bodies during practice.  There is no competition. Ourbodytell us, "Okay, don't go any further, this is the edge today."  If we sit at our edge and breath deeply, our body relaxes and says, "This is good, I would like to go further", or, you will feel your body "let go" and move deeper into the posture all by itself, again we find our "edge" and breathe deeply there.

The invigorating Salutes to the Sun series follows these first slow stretching postures.  The breath is purposefully synchronized with each movement.  We feel powerful during these flows.  The balances which follow often demand that we focus mindfully, this potent focus is remembered and helps carry us through the week.  The closing relaxation posture and breath help each muscle cell eliminate waste and remember the practice, making the practice easier and more familiar. 

Yoga brings strength, serenity and personal power with regular practice.

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