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About Mossman Hall


The Mossman Home Preservation Foundation was formed under the laws of the State of Florida and is a registered 501(c) 3 public charity with IRS # 45-4679370. The principal place of business is 301 State Road 26 in Melrose, Florida 32666.


Mossman exists to serve its members by providing them a venue to exhibit their artwork, meet one another, teach classes and promote a friendly and inspiring artistic atmosphere within the community; to strengthen our community culturally and economically by fostering the visual and performing arts; and to encourage community participation by hosting free to the public events such as art openings, social gatherings, and club meetings. In addition, our goal is to raise the funds necessary (through donations and grants) to maintain, preserve and eventually purchase the property known as the Mossman Home and the Mossman Hall. The foundation is entrusted to preserve the property for the use and benefit of the greater Melrose community.


​Our membership consist of artists, event volunteers and community donors.

The Mossman Foundation provides space at Mossman Hall for local artists to display their work. The mission of the Mossman Foundation is to serve it's members and the local community by providing a venue to meet, create and exhibit original works of art and hand-crafted gifts. Mossman's goal is to promote a friendly and inspiring atmosphere within the community for those interested in the creation, development and appreciation of the arts. The Mossman Home is a beautiful 1881home registered as a historic home by the state of Florida and also on the National Register of historic homes.


The Mossman Home was built in 1881 and is the second oldest home in Melrose, Florida. The adjacent church was built sometime in the 1920’s. According to the biography written by Miss Mary Mossman, the three sisters of faith were led by divine visions as to where to settle and the design of their home. The two story frame house was completed by William Lee for Mary M. Mossman, a religious leader from Ocean Grove, New Jersey. It was originally called “Faith House”. The three sisters were very active in the community. In the early 1900’s, Sister Annie Harper wanted to lead her own church and when she could not find one suitable, she built her own. It is a Missionary Church and survived until the early 1960’s, when she gave her last service with the intent of having the church de-sanctified. In May of 1971, Miss Annie Harper passed in Melrose, Florida. She was the last of the three sisters and according to their wishes the property was “given not to their heirs but to the purpose that the Lord saw fit”. It was purchased by the Harp family who held it until 1983 when the Lowry’s purchased it. The church was again de-sanctified and was the home of Anne Lowry Antiques for many years. Currently, the property is home to Gallery 26 and the Mossman Hall.

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About Us

To strengthen our community culturally and economically by fostering the visual and performing arts

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