DIRECTOR               Betty Bennett

Betty has had a long career in executive management positions in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, corrections and federal/state/county government contracting.  In addition to her success as an executive, she is also an accomplished artist.  Betty is singularly responsible for the genesis of Gallery 26.  Almost two years ago, she and a few inspired followers took on the project of converting the Mossman Home to Gallery Space for local artists.  Betty is not afraid to get her hands dirty: painting, landscaping and staging in order to get the Gallery ready for the artists and open for the public. Betty currently oversees the group of member artists and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Gallery.

TREASURER            Stasia Rudolph

Although she moved to Melrose only three years ago, Stasia is very active in local civic organizations and Melrose groups.  After a long career in retail management, Stasia has found a “perfect little town” to live in. The protection of the quaint historical nature of Melrose as well as guarding its precious water have become her mission.  Stasia serves as treasurer of the Mossman Home Preservation Foundation.

CLASS DIRECTOR   Sheila Bullock

Sheila Bullock has been involved in teaching and computer management for over 25 years.  She began writing classroom training manuals for computer software, then began teaching those classes.  Her love of art blossomed when she worked as an assistant to art instructor in an elementary school.  From there her passion for art brought her to show her work here at Gallery 26 in Melrose.  With the "Down Under" classroom now complete the classes here at Mossman are flourishing.  Sheila serves as the Class Director of the Mossman Home Preservation Foundation.

Linda is an accomplished artist in many different kinds of media: painting, print making, stain glass and graphic design.  She also has a long track record of community activism including many successes in leading the charge for local environmental protection issues as the chairman of the Suwannee/St. John’s Sierra Club.  She is a familiar face to most county government officials as she frequently takes her cause straight to the county offices.  Linda is well-known as a woman of action when it comes to community issues and the arts.  She currently serves on several executive boards including the Melrose Business and Community Association as well as accepting the position of president of the Melrose Preservation Society.  We are pleased that Linda serves as secretary of the Mossman Home Preservation Society.  She brings a long list of successes with her.


SECRETARY             Linda Kemp

Judy has been active in historic preservation and community affairs since moving to the area almost twenty years ago.  While maintaining her respected position as the community optician, Judy served on the board of many Melrose Non Profit organizations.  She held numerous executive office positions including: president of the Melrose Business and Community Association, president of Historic Melrose Inc. Currently, Judy serves as vice-president of Santa Fe Lake Dwellers as well as taking on the challenge of leading the Mossman Home Preservation Foundation as its current president.  Judy is an active and vocal presence in all-things Melrose.  She is considered one of the de-facto leaders in historic preservation of the area. We are pleased to have her on our board.


Enriching the Melrose Community in

teaching and advocating the arts

PRESIDENT              Judy MacLaren